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Anduin could feel his face burning as he read the letter. Even after the whole “Love is in the Air” thing, Anduin had a hard time believing there were people out there that liked him that much.

Still, it was hard to deny it when it was sitting there, right in front of his face. A little girl with a crush had written him a letter. However, evidently - he noted with a chuckle - she hadn’t intended to send it. Anduin, himself, wasn’t quite familiar with how it felt to have siblings, but he imagined the very sending of the letter was evidence, enough, of what it was like.

Before settling in to write a return letter, Anduin picked the parcel up and looked the branches over. He’d have to figure out something to do with him. He didn’t exactly have much room for decoration in his quarters… but he’d find something.

For a moment, he busied himself with finding a good enough spot on his desk. Once the ribbon-wrapped branches were arranged in a satisfactory manner, Anduin leaned back in his chair and pondered over the letter he would write. Perhaps there would be two?


They would likely be the cheesiest things he’d ever write, but it would be worth it, if he could make someone happy.

"Troya Tawny,

"I think it’s very sweet that you sent this for your sister. I appreciate the gesture deeply, and I do hope I don’t embarrass her too much by writing back.

"Light be with you,
"Prince Anduin Wrynn."

He looked the letter over, feeling somewhat underwhelmed with himself, but he wasn’t sure of what else to say. This was entirely new territory for him.

He picked up a second piece of paper and began, again, to write.

"Mara Tawny,

"These branches are very beautiful. Thank you very much for sending them to me.

"And thank you for your kind words. Please, do try and let me know the next time you come to Stormwind. I’d like to meet you and thank you for this gift in person.

"I hope I live up to the stories you’ve heard.

"Light be with you,
"Prince Anduin Wrynn."

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